Successful trial leads Kakivik to two-year contract in Australia

May 26, 2017

Anchorage, Alaska – Drawing upon the recent completion of an inspection project in Western Australia, Kakivik’s inspection team, led by Ahla Taki Oates and Dave Arnett, are headed back down under for a long-term contract at a LNG facility near Perth.

The work scope includes performing Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) inspection to ensure the integrity of the entire production facility and flagging any areas for external corrosion refurbishment. The first two phases of the scope were initially performed last spring and fall, and were deemed highly successful by key client leadership.

CUI inspection, an examination process Kakivik has advanced using a unique technique, uses real-time radiography technology to identify areas of corrosion and wet insulation through insulated piping. The process, honed and perfected on the North Slope over the last few years, gives clients an effective and cost efficient way of ensuring that the material flowing through the pipes remains in the pipes without having to manually strip the insulation to detect areas of concern.

Kakivik Quality and Technology Manager, Ian Moreau, who will oversee the project says, “We are excited to perform this inspection process utilizing new technology. We truly believe it’s an efficient, early detection tool that can save our clients millions of dollars and ensure the integrity of many aging facilities around the world.”


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